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Introduction – the All Clear System is based on a combination of proprietary hardware and software working together in a patented process which allows users to determine and/or update the status of a facility before entering and to notify others as the status changes. Using the core system which was developed primarily for financial institutions, and adding additional interfaces and programming, we have been able to expand the functionality and potential markets for the All Clear System. The following describes the three variations of the All Clear System and where they might be positioned.

Financial System – regulations require financial institutions to "clear" a facility before other users can enter as part of their security protocols. This prevents a group of individuals from being taken hostage and forced to circumvent security measures, such as the two-person requirement when opening the vault. Additionally, security regulations require that there is a closing process for ensuring their employees can safely exit the facility. 

The All Clear System offers a combination of hardware and mobile application solutions to meet the needs of financial institutions in addressing these requirements:

  • Hardware – FOB based solution – is the original All Clear System – it involves installing hardware in every branch and for each user to have a small radio transmitter which can provide the status of the facility and to indicate that an employee is on site and is entering or exiting the facility.
  • Cloud-Based System – this new solution, which became available in December of 2014, allows the All Clear System to be implemented with no hardware in the branch and supports the use of mobile devices (Androids & iPhones) instead of using the FOBs. This solution provides a lower cost of entry and reduces implementation and support costs.
  • Hybrid – because there are institutions in which not everyone will have access to a mobile device, we also support the installation of a hybrid system which will enable the use of both FOBs and mobile devices. This will allow for some branches to have a combination of hardware and mobile devices while other locations can be cloud only, providing the maximum in flexibility.

We labeled this system, which provides support for the opening and closing process as the financial system. While this system is traditionally geared to financial institutions, it would be very beneficial to other industries. A few examples where the facility may be cleared before others enter and which also need a process for their employees to safely exit might include:

  • Jewelry Stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Pawn Shops
  • Cash for Gold
  • Check Cashing

Commercial System – not all institutions need to clear the facility before entering. They simply need to provide a mechanism for employees to safely enter and exit their facility. The commercial version of the All Clear System is a cloud-based solution which provides a management and monitoring tool.

Some potential markets where the Commercial System would be effective:

  • Hospitals and other health care related fields
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Small Business

Anywhere you have employees who might

  • Enter or leave the business in the dark – walking to or from their cars
  • Park in a parking garage or shared parking facilities
  • Take deposits to the bank
  • Be perceived as having access to money / drugs

The Commercial System provides an easy to use, low cost system which can provide the extra level of protection to ensure your employees are safe.

Service System – this version of the All Clear System provides a unique level of protection to those who regularly find themselves traveling to a variety of locations, generally alone, and then being asked to enter varying locations, potentially engage with unknown individuals, and perform their duties in an environment which is unfamiliar and uncontrolled.

While we originally developed the system for Real Estate, there are a number of industries where a solution like this would be very beneficial:

  • Real Estate Agents – Brokerages
  • Home Health Care
  • Social Workers
  • Insurance Agents
  • Apartment Complex Managers / Staff
  • Service technicians

The service system also provides a valuable management tool which can be used to collect information on where employees are, how long they were at a location, and other valuable information.

Summary - When an employee is in danger, the most important element is time. How quickly do you know they may be in distress? The second most important element is information. Where was the employee? Who were they interacting with? Is there other information available that might make a difference to their safety?

The All Clear System is focused on two key areas:

  • Safety of employees
  • Helping to mitigate the risk for employers

The All Clear System allows your employees to ask for help before they need it. The system allows them to be in control even if something happens. Having cell phones, panic buttons, and other security devices are of no value if you are unable to use them.

The All Clear System is an easy to use, easy to implement, affordable solution to make your employees safer.

The quote that seems most appropriate comes from a law enforcement officer who said, "The All Clear System is a game changer."



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